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Santa Cruz Gunlocks-SC-6 Universal Gunlock

SC-6 Universal Gunlock

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The SC-6 universal gunlock is the result of years of evolution constantly searching for better ways to secure any firearm in any emergency response vehicle. Thanks to its patented design, the SC-6 can secure nearly any long weapon in the same gun rack. A thick, stainless steel, rubber-lined arm ratchets down and holds weapons in a strongbox of stainless steel plates and rivets. The locking diameter paired with the slide-and-lock positioning capability, this lock allows officers to quickly configure their gun racks to precisely fit the weapon or weapons they need to secure.  

The SC-6 gun lock comes with a short (3.75") crossbar with two 3/8" holes and 5/16-18" threads for simple mounting on most flat surfaces. Lock activation is either electric or manual. An electric push-button and 2 keys are shipped with the lock. Both lock options work independently from each other.

  • #2 – the standard law enforcement flat key (can not be copied with conventional methods)
  • #H – handcuff key version (no handcuff key supplied with the gun lock)
  • #CA – a more secure optional tubular/barell type of key
  • #3 – optional super secure key
  • #X – optional individually cut all different super secure key

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    Gunlock Safety Precautions

    NOTE: Santa Cruz Gunlocks, LLC (SCG) gun racks and gunlocks are intended fore temporary, secure storage of firearms. They are not substitutes for a permanent storage enclosure and only act as limited theft deterrents. And they will not prevent accidental discharge/firing of a chambered round.

    To properly and safely use the SCG gun rack and/or gunlock:

    • Do not use if your firearm does not fit the SCG gun rack and/or gunlock
    • Never chamber a round while using a SCG gun rack and/or gunlock
    • It is the responsibility of the user to operate the SCG gun rack and/or gunlock properly and safely


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