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Defender QuadCore MC

Defender QuadCore MC

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The new Defender with QuadCore is an exciting advancement of the Defender series lightbar from Code 3. The Defender Quadcore features an upgraded light design, diffusion, concentration, and clarity; a world of new flash patterns; higher output MultiColor lighting; and greatly enhanced heat dissipation.

  • Better Light Dispersion
    • Patented micro-optic diffuser and low-profile faceted optic shape provides a more uniform spread of light
    • 3 sub-optics for each LED capture light efficiently for superior light concentration, providing high color intensity in either daytime or low light situtations
  • Efficient
    • QuadCore lightheads require lower amp draw, reducing strain on a vehicles electrical system
  • Cool and Clean
    • A new heat sink provides better heat transfer to the frame keeping the lightheads and interior of the bar cool
    • A redesigned interface between the lower lens and mounting plate provides an improved sealing system
  • Streamlined design
    • QuadCore lightheads utilize less parts for maintenance free operation
    • Each lighthead is internally grounded therefore less wires are required for the lighthead to function
  • Interior Features
    • A locating tab allows for quicker replacement of lightheads
    • Redesigned connectors eliminate pinch points
  • Central Controller Board
    • New CC board allows for multitude of new flash patterns 
    • Provides the capability to synchronize banks of lights
  • Design Features
    • Single and MultiColor in red, blue, amber, white, or red/blue, red/white, blue/white, red/amber, amber/white
    • 3" single color (6 LED) and MultiColor (12 LED) lightheads available
    • 6" single color (12 LED) 
    • Alleys and scene
    • New flash pattern software (1000 single/1050 multicolor)
    • One touch setting/changing of flash patterns
    • Flasher/steady burn feature for work lights and scene lights
    • Dimming feature
    • Built-in NarrowStik function
  • Standard Options
    • Opticom 795H Infrared LED Emitter (E795LP)
    • Serial Interface
    • NASCC ArrowStik controller shows emulation patterns
    • Quick disconnect switch
    • Auto Dimming with Photo Cell
    • Solar Panel with battery charger
    • Black inter-molded solar barrier is standard- red, blue, or amber
  • Standard Lengths: 23", 35", 36", 44", 47", 48", 52", 58", 70", 82", 94"
  • 13.5”D x 2.25” H
  • 12 Volt
  • Meets applicable SAE, J845, NFPA, California Title 13 and ECE65specifications when properly configured
  • Black Intermolded Solar Barrier is Standard – Red, Blue, or Amber optional

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