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21TR Plus Multi-Color Build-Your-Own Lightbar

21TR Plus Multi-Color Build-Your-Own Lightbar

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The 21TR Plus MC lightbar from Code 3 features Torus 9-Up directional and corner LEDs for better off-angle lighting. Multi-color technology provides two full signals out of one lighthead- no compromising of signal strength or size by splitting an LED in half to get two colors.

  • Turn multi-color red/white or blue/white lightheads in the front into an all white takedown
  • Standard 21TR delivers all the qualities the 2100 has been known for with new Torus LED technology corner and directional lightheads that provide far superior directional and off-angle performance. Economical, yet advanced, this lightbar offers standard features providing the brightest basic lightbar on the market
  • 21TR Plus is a full featured, economical lightbar with new Torus LED technology. Central controller features and options are the same as the Defender and RX 2700CC. Features include the NarrowStik, flashing takedowns and alleys, and corner cruise lights.
  • Design Features
    • 21TR Plus Features
      • Full featured and customizable lightbar with torus directinal and corner lightheads. All options and build-your-own capabilities available in clear or tinted lower-lenses
      • Available in clear or tinted lower lenses
      • 9-Up directional and corner LEDs available
      • 35 w halogen or LED takedowns & alleys available
      • Flashing LED takedowns and alleys standard
      • Deluxe central controller with 23 flash pattern selections, NarrowStik function, corner cruise
      • Dimming mode
      • 5-year warranty on LED modules
      • Clear lenses standard
  • Standard Options
    • 21TR Plus
      • LED stop/turn/tail lights
      • Lighted LIT3 mounting foot
      • Solar panel with battery conditioner
    • Lengths: 22.5", 36", 47", 52", 58", 69", and 80"
    • 12.25" W x 2.1" H (311 mm x 53 mm)
    • 12 Volt
    • Meets all Applicable SAE J595 and J845 Class 1, NFPA, and California Title 13 Specifications when properly configured
    • 5-Year LED warranty

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